Grants for innovative leads in Animal Health

Bayer offers financial support to assess and to promote the exploration for new approaches in infectious diseases in animal health (including small molecules).

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open until March 31st, 2017
New ideas in drug development for human health can be submitted here: Grants4Targets Pharmaceuticals

Grants4Leads: New Focus on Animal Health

Bayer Animal Health R&D focuses on identifying and developing new active substances that support the health of companion and farm animals. We are committed to innovation and to translating initial ideas from basic research into novel drugs. Complementing our internal efforts, we are dedicated to fostering collaborations with academic groups, start-up, and biotech companies.

For funding opportunities of new ideas for drug development in human medicine, please visit Grants4Targets Pharmaceuticals

You Have Found A Small-Molecule Lead

1Compound syntheses
2Discovery of biological activity
3Design of analogs to enhance activity
4Selection of lead compound
compound syntheses Discovery of biological activity Design of analogs to enhance activity election of lead compound

This is What We Are Granting For

With our Grants4Leads® initiative we are looking for novel small-molecule leads and other new approaches that relate particularly to animal health.
Successful applications would be initially allocated a €5,000 grant, while we assess the lead’s bioactivity. If confirmed, we might initiate a joint lead-exploration project with you, in which case you would receive further substantial financial support from Bayer. Such a collaboration would then be subject to the negotiation of a contract reflecting the interests of all parties involved.

The decision as to whether we offer a grant and/ or enter into a collaboration will be made at the sole discretion of Bayer. Please note, that information you submit is non-confidential.

What is a small-molecule lead?

Within the G4L framework, we define a “lead” as a small molecule (excluding peptides, antisense oligonucleotides and RNAis) that addresses a specific target or pathway in a selective manner.

What is lead-exploration?

Lead-exploration is the process that corroborates the lead’s suitability by synthesizing analogs and assessing their properties and pharmacological activities both in vitro and in vivo. This exploration could also include the evaluation of alternative approaches regarding their pharmacological activities in suitable models.

We look forward to receiving your submission!

A Long History With Bayer

Bayer 120 years ago: Bayer’s Central Scientific Laboratory in Wuppertal-Elberfeld in 1891 Bayer today: Bayer HealthCare’s research center in Wuppertal

A Long History With Bayer

Bayer is an experienced partner with a long tradition of successful and reliable global partnerships. The company offers access to advanced drug-discovery know-how and technologies. If your lead is selected for funding, you may in some cases – subject to entering into a collaboration with Bayer – be given an opportunity to use innovative technologies, complementary expertise and resources. Let Bayer help you get started.

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Application Process

Review Process




Application Process

Submit Your Lead

Please use submission tool to submit your data. All fields must be filled out. Otherwise the submission cannot be processed.

The submission is non-confidential and should include information on the lead properties, including such biological data as target and affinities (IC50, Ki, etc.). For intellectual property (IP) reasons, please do NOT reveal the chemical structure, even if the structure has already been published.
After you have submitted your proposal, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by email containing a registration number, which should be used in all further communication.

Proposals can only be submitted via the submission form. The submission deadline is March 31st, 2017.The next submission period will begin in July 2015.

Review Process

Assessment by Bayer Scientists

Your submission will be reviewed by senior scientists at Bayer. In the following we provide an overview of the major criteria for our decision. Nevertheless, the decision is entirely at our discretion without any obligation to justify it or to give reasons.
In evaluating your submission, we will consider the following:

1. Molecular descriptors
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2. Biological activity
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3. Patent protection and third-party rights
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Lead Assessment Grant 5000 €

If our assessment of your submission is positive, we will want to find out more about your lead and award you a support grant of 5000€.

Option 1
Bayer evaluates compounds in assays under a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
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Option 2
Bayer evaluates biological data on compounds under a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
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If we are convinced by the data generated under an MTA or assessed under a CDA, we would be interested in a collaboration with you to leverage the potential of the lead by means of broader in vitro and in vivo characterization. At this point in time, we will propose a process by which you would reveal the chemical structure to us.

Depending on chemical matter, we will consider a collaboration under a lead exploration program, which could include further financial support for you and your lead. This would entail negotiating a contract reflecting the interests of all parties involved.



Who is eligible to apply?
Researchers from universities, other academic research institutes, and start-up companies from all over the world are invited to apply.

Will the information provided be considered confidential?
No, the information provided will not be considered confidential. We will use the information provided in the submission form for an initial evaluation. Before asking for confidential data we will agree a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) with you.

Who will review the proposals?
The proposals will be reviewed by experienced scientists at Bayer.

Can I submit a proposal on behalf of a group?
Yes, you can submit a proposal on behalf of a group. However, please name your collaborators/coworkers in the respective field. When concluding a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) you should be aware of the ownership of your lead; signatures of representatives of your institution/organization might be needed during the assessment period.

Molecular descriptors:
At the non-confidential level we will determine our interest in your asset based on molecular descriptors without structural information. Descriptors – such as molecular weight, H bond donor/acceptor count, lipophilicity – help us gauge the compound’s suitability or liability in terms of drug-likeness.
When reviewing your submission we do not use drug-likeness rules as strict cut-off criteria, but see them as risk alerts that must be taken into account in future optimization strategies.

Biological activity:
The target addressed by the lead and the lead’s potency against this target is a very important piece of information. Our primary interest lies with compounds addressing targets or pathways in the fields of animal health.

Patent protection and third-party rights:
Patent protection of your lead: in view of a potential patent protection of your lead or analogs it is important to know, whether (1) the structure of your lead compound has already been published by you or others, (2) your lead compound has already been claimed in a published/ unpublished patent application.
The proper exchange of material under a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) or of information under a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) in Step 3 of the G4L process is also influenced by question whether the structure of your lead compound is publically available or not.
Third-party patent rights: to evaluate the scope of a potential support grant or a future collaboration it is necessary to know whether third-party rights are involved.

Option 1:
Bayer evaluates compounds in assays under a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)
We are interested in assessing your lead using our own assays and models and propose a Material Transfer Agreement. The MTA stipulates that material

  • shall be provided by you to Bayer solely to enable Bayer to evaluate its interest in entering into a cooperation agreement;
  • shall be used by Bayer solely for investigational purposes;
  • shall be held in strict confidence and under restricted access.

At this point we have still not asked you to reveal the molecular structure of your lead.

Option 2:
Bayer evaluates biological data on compounds under a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA)
We might not have appropriate in-house assays to evaluate your compound, but would like to see more of your data on its biological activity. We therefore propose a Confidential Disclosure Agreement excluding the chemical structure to continue our discussion. Briefly, the CDA stipulates that your information

  • shall be disclosed to us solely to enable Bayer to evaluate its interest in entering into a cooperation agreement;
  • shall be kept strictly confidential by Bayer;
  • shall be returned to you at your request.

Submission Form

About Your Lead
Personal Details
Legal Notice
When submitting a lead for animal health, please note that we are not interested in antibacterial classes applied in human medicine. Topic
Molecular Description
Target or Pathway
Comments about your animal health lead
Select the bacterial pathogens which your lead is effective against and write the corresponding biological activity (MIC µg/ml)
Class 1 (required)
Class 2 (optional)
Patent protection and 3rd party rights
  • Is, to your knowledge, the structure of your lead compound already published?
  • Please indicate if and which databases were searched in order to verify the novelty of the structure.
  • Are you aware of third party patents or patent applications, which might potentially cover the lead compound or its analogs?
  • Has a patent application concerning the lead compound been filed by the G4L applicant?
  • Is the patent application already licensed to a third party?
Personal Details
Legal Notice

I am aware that the information I am providing will be regarded as – and deemed to be non-confidential, and that Bayer Pharma shall have no obligation of any kind with respect to such information.

In addition, I consent to the storage and processing of my personal data as provided in this application by Bayer Pharma and any company of the Bayer Group for the purpose of evaluating this application.

I declare that I/I together with collaborators/coworkers (named in the submission form) synthesized the compound and generated the data described. I am not knowingly violating the rights of any third party.

Please remember

The decision as to whether we offer a grant and/ or enter into a collaboration will be made at the sole discretion of Bayer HealthCare. Please note that information you submit is non-confidential.

Thanks for your submission!

Thanks for your small-molecule lead submission with Grants4Leads®, you will receive an email shortly confirming your application was succesfully submitted.

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Submissions open until March 31st, 2017

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